Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which industries do you serve?

A: We serve various industries, including IT, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and more

Q: What is your expertise in recruiting candidates for mid-level management positions?

A: Our team specializes in recruiting candidates for mid-level management roles, with extensive experience in this field.

Q: How long does the entire process of sourcing and selecting candidates take?

A: The time depends on the complexity of the position, but on average, the process takes 4 to 6 weeks.

Q: What are your rates for recruiting services?

A: Rates are calculated individually based on the volume and complexity of services.

Q: How do you ensure the quality of candidate selection?

A: We apply rigorous assessment and verification methods to ensure high-quality candidate selection.

Q: Do you provide guarantees for successful candidate placements?

A: We provide guarantees for successful candidate placements within the first 90 days.

Q: How do you maintain confidentiality of information about our job openings?

A: Confidentiality of client information is our priority. We sign non-disclosure agreements for data protection.

Q: What technologies and methodologies do you use in the recruiting process?

A: We use advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence and data analytics, for more effective recruiting.